It’s Advent and I feel like the sky has fallen because I’m not really ready for Christmas gifts. I usually get mine all set before Advent so I can focus on the season and not be scrambling for deals. But with the move and still finishing home improvement projects (aka other people improving our home while we ply them with adulation and fudge), it just hasn’t all come together.

{The bookshelves are done!!! The tree is half decorated!!}

SO this is as much my shopping list as a recommendation request from you guys? Mkay?


Blessed is She store! Our prints are super popular as is our journaling Bible.

Mordenmiss’ linen line. I own several of their dresses/tunics and love the way linen feels over time. This one is one my wish list.

Be a Heart’s new book! Amen and it’s gorgeous. Holding one in my hot lil paws right now.


Tolkien fan? My friend Kaitlyn’s shop has everything for the Tolkien lover. I love this especially.

Magnetic wrist band for the handyman? I mean, I think I’m getting this for our construction guys as a thank you. Never seen anything like this. Do I not get out much?

Cordless drill for the husband whose drill grew legs and walked off? Too much on the construction stuff? Sorry. I mean, he has every religious book under the sun but if he didn’t, I get him this one.


Alice and Ames has the best twirly dresses. I snagged one on sale for the baby. I also bought her diapers. Happy Christmas, babe!

For the three year old in your life, they may also really want a handmade bird house (thanks to the contractors) and populate it with these (on sale now). We couldn’t really live without our Janod toys.

For the five year old, you may also have a budding Egyptologist. She wants to go on a dig so so badly. I blame this CD. But this is the game we got her so hopefully it can stem the flooding of her (we’re-not-going-now) heart.

For the seven year old, I think he’s got so many different strategy games and books to read but one he comes back to time and time again is this one along with chess. I don’t know how to play it but if your kid also loves baseball and strategy, this is for you as well. I think a stack of these books will tide him over during break.

Okay, I was brief. What’s on your list this year??

(An old pic but one I love by Emily Rumsey Photography)

Oh do I dare even type that word out? I know everyone (almost everyone?) has passionate feelings about circumcision. But if you’d asked me when I was pregnant with our oldest (8 years ago) if we were going to circumcise him, I would have shrugged and said, yeah, probably, ask my husband? I mean, it sounds like it hurts but I’m sure they give the baby medicine and it’s for sanitary reasons or something?

Clearly I had done a lot of research. Gulp.

A few people in our lives mentioned that maybe researching it and the recommendations (AAP said not!) at the time were of value. After all, this is the same pregnant woman who thought she was going to waltz into a maternity ward PUSH PUSH PUSH and have a baby in an hour or so. I really hadn’t known anyone who was pregnant (well) and really hadn’t read much about it (at all) and spent the first many months throwing up so I had little energy to do anything other than complain to my mom.

All this to say, two women I know and very much respect who are both media producers and certified nurse midwives are working on a documentary. It’s about making informed decisions on circumcision. I urge you to visit the site and watch the trailer. It’s a very medical approach, acknowledges some determining factors and debunks a lot of myths.

Whether you’ve already chosen circumcision for your son or not (maybe you’d do it differently for future boys! I know families who have!), it’s informative and well-crafted.

Also, AA and I are in it! So watch the trailer here, get talking about this, and come back and tell me in the combox what you think. (See if you recognize any of the backgrounds . . . .)



*prepares for very strong opinions by securing chocolate brownies and a tall glass of cold milk*

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi.

I do still run a blog, albeit a very neglected blog. I’m here! Hi! Late to link up with Kelly and the gang.

1 __ 1 Still doing projects and unpacking.

Anyone who has moved with children, God bless you, because MAN I am still slowly unpacking parts of the house. The parts I knew needed attention right away, like sound machines and bed sheets, and legos, and toothpaste? Yeah, those are all set. But the den and my workspace and those empty frames I’m hoarding? Not so much.

The construction is slowing down. No major projects but lots of putsy ones. Beautiful new bookshelves built-in, new light fixtures, caulking (and caulking and caulking), and painting. That kinda stuff. And a new fence. I love our contractor and his crew so we will miss their company when they actually flee away from us and our constant kid shrieks.

2 __ 2 Blessed is She

What’s new with Blessed is She, Nell? Oh, you know, just a new wall calendar, 2018 planner,  journaling Bible, Blessed Conversations, and our amazing Laura Kelly Fanucci’s Lent journal! I’ve hosted two sessions so far for Blessed Conversations. I love the format. I love the community that’s coming together to form a sisterhood with it. Basically, I love it.

I also got to flee myself with the babe to go to a leadership retreat with Jenna, Beth, and MaryRuth. We came out of the weekend refreshed, thanks in large part to amazing prayer time and advice from our spiritual adviser. He’s a holy and hilarious man. Perfect combo for God. The baby also had a wonderful time smacking everyone in the face and practicing her walking skills.

I’ll be running a workshop on dealing with spirit dryness on Tuesday, December 5th at 8central. Sign up for that here if you’re interested!

3 __ 3 Holiday gifts from my etsy shop!

I’m working on a few bib sets, pilot caps, and will open custom leggings on Monday at 9 central. BUT if you like early bird selections and pricing, sign up for ye ole newsieletter. It’s a shambles in my work space but I am loving slipping away for an hour or two to create again. It’s a gift for my sanity. Thank you for shopping small!

I also reopened three slots for custom linen dresses!


Whole Parenting Goods here!

4 __ 4 Making time for music

We signed up our 5.5 year old for violin lessons, even though I thought she’d play the cello, or piano for that matter as our new house came with a 100 year old one. But we love our oldest’s teacher so very much, and she could slide her in before his lesson, and after lots of hyping it up, she’s loving it. Albeit we’ve had one lesson. She’s well known to be the most fickle child alive.

I’m practicing my cello because someday I need to get beyond book 1 of Suzuki. Guys, it’s only been 10 years. A lil vid on my ‘gram of me trying to practice with baby around!

5 __ 5 Houston, we have a walker

She started at 10 months old and now I’m like, please, girl, you’re slaying it! She’s 11 months old now–HOW DID THAT HAPPEN–and happiest walking if she has something to grasp with her Gollum fingers. I think it gives her balance. She thinks it gives her swag. Either way, bonus points if it’s something she can drape over her neck like a phone charger or the cord to the sound machine.

6 __ 6 Thanksgiving is almost here

Do you have your menu planned? I’m hoofing to my sister’s across the street and bringing all the sides. I’m thinking Smitten Kitchen, Pinch of Yum, and Alton Brown will help me decide. Let’s be honest, you’re going to. Spill your fav sides!

7 __ 7 Sickness in the house

We have had a month of it. Strep. Two rounds of vomiting. Three colds? I don’t know that we’ve ever been this sick. Is it two kids in school, one of them part-time mostly outside? Is it the changed environment? Is it the ungodly amount of boxed mac & cheese we’ve been eating? Idk but that feeling of hot vomit down your shirt and puddled in your lap is one I could do without for a while. But then I read about friends of friends who said goodbye to their baby and think bring on all the vomit, God, but keep these kids alive. 

Okay, what’s new with you?



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