I’m hopping over with Kelly and her gang for seven quick takes from the week. Is it Friday already? My brain is so mushy I can’t even stay on task over here. I absent mindedly put my chai tea in the dishwasher with a full mug, wiped my nose with the baby’s socks, and told the kids they could play with perler beads–unsupervised. #mombrain

1) Laundry has multiplied.

Like by a million. I know babies poop and spit up their way through many outfits in one day, but I could do the laundry twice a week and be fine before. Now there are mounds everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It’s making me a little crazy. I’m finally well enough with my pelvis issues that I can carry laundry baskets around so I have no excuse to not get on it. But how can adding one tiny person to the family make this big of a difference? I’m amazed and agog.

2) I vascillate between wanting to do nothing but stare at the baby and do everything in the house at once.

Probably normal postpartum hormones. Sometimes I want to do everything and then in an instant, I realize how tired I am and that I should just lay down with the baby snuggled in. She’s so big that she can easily side-nurse and snuggles like a little snuggle bug. The kids want to crowd in anytime she’s on me so sometimes when it’s nap time for the middle kids, it’s dedicated solo snuggles for us.

Also everywhere I look, I see a mess and want to p u r g e ! o r g a n i z e ! in a very unrealistic manner. Of course, there’s always this great article on how to do that by my friend Lyz.

3) Eggs, apples, toast, baby carrots.

I’m in a food rut. I can’t really find myself eating much beyond these four things. HALP. Trying to follow some food recipe blogs for inspiration, but I’ve been spoiled by all my friends bringing me dinner for all these weeks!

4) Snot everywhere.

We’re getting over a cold. I wipe my toddler’s nose with my fingers and then wash my hands because under his nose skin is sensitive and hates tissue. I feel like a human tissue. I regularly find snot wiped on my pants (well, pjs, well, yeah, living in them). I want to wash us all off with a hose. SweetCheeks has been congested but thank goodness for saline drops for noses, the nose frieda, humidifiers, and squirting breastmilk up her nose, or at it at least.

5) Netflix shows.

We’re watching the Blacklist. James Spaeder is a phenomenal actor and his character makes all the rest of it worth watching. It’s a little gory for me so I look away a lot. Or put it on captions and mute it, forcing AA to tell me what’s happening while the scary part is happening.

6) Blessed is She retreats!

The Catholic women’s ministry I help with is hosting two beautiful retreats this spring, one in Phoenix and one in Austin. I get to take the baby and go to both! Feeling insanely lucky to see my colleagues and good friends!! If you have any inclination, I went last year and I can guarantee you will leave it feeling uplifted, spiritually fulfilled, and loved. So join me! Info here.

7) Paperwork.

All the paperwork after having a baby is hard for me to keep my hands around. Adding the baby to our insurance had a few hiccups so we had to call back the hospital, and the clinic, and the other clinic, and the specialists, and ask for them to re-try billing the insurance company. Of course, only some people call you back from billing and others really don’t understand why I have crying children in the background (mom-phone-rule). All in all, I keep looking at the to-do stack and thinking, man! she’s here! we are both okay! this could have been so much worse! So I soldier on with our paperwork. Speaking of which, I have to go make a call before everyone notices I’ve been on my computer for a solid 10 minutes.

Happy weekending!



These photos are why I’ll always and forever more be a mere Mommy Blogger, and not a lifestyle blogger or fashion (what?!) blogger or anything more sensational. My house, currently, six weeks in to having four kids.

I have tidied up. Several times. It makes absolutely zero impact. {{spy some new fabric for new Whole Parenting Goods projects in the next few months!}}

Life definitely feels and looks different with a fourth child, and our day-to-day is still in slow-motion, new-baby, postpartum-don’t-wear-a-bra-just-bathrobe land. AA does mornings with the three oldest so I can rest a little, gets SuperBoy off to school, feeds the middle two breakfast, and then deposits them with me so I can keep one eye on them while laying in bed nursing our BIG BABY. And I can gaze at the one clean room in the house: her nursery (because it’s virtually unused aside from clothing containing and occasional crib fun for the kids’ sake, not the baby’s!).

The kids play most of the morning with me periodically shouting from wherever I am, trapped under a nursing baby, to “STOOPPPPPP FIGHTING.” My mom does homeschool with SweetPea while MonsterTot does his ABCs to get a single chocolate chip.

We eat lunch around 11, head down for naps after quiet time, aka, trashing the guest room, and do a rousing round of speed reading all six Mercy Watson books. If you don’t own them, you need to.

After naps, around 2, we re-adjust to the fact that yes, they all live together, and yes, SuperBoy comes home from school, and yes, you must share. Somehow it’s a shock every single afternoon. Lego battles & laundry folding//looking at with intent to fold, fill our time until dinner. Usually my parents are both around and that means most children are happy, playing outside, or helping to sample dinner/dessert.

After dinner, I buckle down and do home work and practice violin with SuperBoy while the littler kids play on my bounce-the-baby-to-sleep ball and carry their rocking chair into our room.

I hold my breath until AA comes home (running these days!) and then retreat back to bed to rest and nurse and read books to anyone who wants to hang with me. And this babe.

Somedays my mom takes SweetPea to her nature school or Atrium class, and sometimes we have a medical appointment or physical therapy, but mostly we are curled up at home, healing my pelvis & tailbone and soaking in these baby days!

The past few weeks I’ve been in the blur of a newborn, complete with being pooped on, spit up on, and little sleep. But in those few moments of clarity, when the older kids are playing nicely (okay, very few moments), and the baby is nursing or sleeping on my shoulder, I’ve felt deeply there has to be a better way to sort out the differences between us as women. I’m seeing this in the Catholic circles, but lots of my thoughts here apply to all women, regardless of creed.

My social media feeds are chuck-filled with people telling other people they’re wrong, and they’re not just wrong, they’re WRONG. Like, so wrong that they’re bad.

If it’s not whether or not you marched for women (pre-born & born) last week or you’re marching for pro-life this week, it’s Santa Claus. If it’s not whether or not Santa is “wrong,” it’s yoga and (Godforbidwetalkabout) yoga pants (are they leggings or tights and can you wear them without anything covering your butt?). If it’s not exposed curves, it’s working and being a mom. If it’s not abandoning or saving your children, it’s natural family planning. If it’s not spacing or trying to have kids, it’s how you feed those kids. And on. And on.

Okay, ladies. The moral questions are few and far between. They really are. The rest is discretionary. I know it’s hard to find and believe such gray mass exists, and that it’s okay for your sister to do it differently than you. I know because I, too, want to hang on tight to my firmly held preferences about yoga pants (yes!) and organic food (yes!) and solemn Latin mass (yes!).

And if I let myself crack open and admit that the other side, the other view, has merit, that will erode my position. If I bend and then break, I will lose the very things I am grasping so hard to in my righteousness. I’ll have to trust that the Holy Spirit will guide me through the gray zone. I’ll have to believe that my sister can hold different views but still have even more deeply rooted commonality.

And that’s scary.

{Speaking to my Catholic sisters, yes, let’s dig deeper and water those roots of the handful of moral truths the Church, in Her wisdom, teaches us about life: conception to natural death. Let’s let go of so many of the discretionary questions. We can still believe our preference is right! We can still be Democrats or Republicans, or something in the middle. We can be all those labelsĀ and yet still close to each other–so long as we’re actually rooted in the teachings of our faith–the ones we’re trying to live out–first.}

I want to stay open to hearing what my sister has to say on the other side of these and so many more issues. I want to understand where they’re coming from without being afraid to lose my own beliefs. Even when I completely disagree on a moral issue, I’d like to be respectful about it.

Don’t we want to love more deeply? Finding common ground without losing our own footing? How do we live this out in 2017? Tell me your thoughts!

I’ll be talking with Jen Fulwiler about this and more on her show this afternoon so tune in!

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