So what’s that phrase? March in like a lion, out like a lamb? I vote there should be one for February. In like a funk, out like ___. “a fun time?” “a frenzy?”

This month has been bitterly cold. January is always bitterly cold in Minnesota, but this Feb has taken the cake. When I was little, it was cold like this, but now as an adult, it’s been relatively mild for a while. Yes, Minnesotans talk about the weather, a lot. There’s a debate (light hearted? cold hearted?) going on both on my instagram and Facebook about how many layers we bundle our kids up to go out in the morning. Watch me zoom around getting everyone into their duds and you tell me! (I let them play in the snowbanks on the way back in so that’s part of the snow pants part!) (I also was always cold as a kid so . . . projecting?)

The funk has been more pervasive for me than the cold weather.

Maybe it’s because I saw a single mom friend’s support system crumble. Maybe it’s because a friend’s baby is home on hospice. Maybe it’s because we attend kinder-12th grade Mass at our parochial school and I want to earnestly remind all the high schoolers that this is the best way to spend your morning (like a crazy middle aged mom) as some of them giggle in the pew and crack their knuckles.

When my kids are all in school and I’m facing hours of my own time to myself, I’ll find another excuse why the bathrooms aren’t clean and I’m not exercising. I’ll have reasons why I can’t call that older old friend and say hello even if I might not speak to them again. And it won’t be because I’m nursing down for naps.

Hold on, Nell! So profound!

But it hit me deeper, in a raw place, of excusing myself from completely entering into my own life because I’m either annoyed I can’t do what I want, or held back from diving in with the kids for fear of losing what little is left of me.

That which is left of me from pre-kids is pretty slender, given I’ve either been nursing or pregnant for 8 years. I’m still pre-baby me. I’m selfish and I’m small, I’m gluttonous and I’m lazy. Having kids has made me less filled with all these vices because I must tend to them and their needs, even if I’m doing it without a charitable heart. Let’s hope I lose all of that!

I’m using the fact I have littles in my life as the ultimate excuse for not being fully preset to my life.

What’s holding you back from being fully present to your own life? Lent is the perfect time for me to examine these ugly truths, these things I’d rather paper over with chocolate late at night (because no sweets is our thing!). If you’re doing the Lent journal along with thousands of other Blessed is She sisters, I’m praying alongside you. I hope you’re brave enough to face your ugliness too and come out from the 40 days a little more honest, a little more real. I hope to be!

I’m not on my blogging game! I have so many drafts but the interruptions are constant and the time scarce. The baby (toddler, truth be told) got four molars at once so no one has slept much. Work has been insane for my husband so mostly I’m battling many kids on all fronts by evening and can’t inch over to my computer!


Yes, I reopened my Whole Parenting Goods shop with flannel skirts for the deep cold of winter that Minnesota is experiencing. Mostly because I just love flannel and lace. A few are left!


It is a mere two weeks away and Blessed is She has another reflection journal authored by Laura Kelly Fanucci, even more amazing than our Advent one, and that’s saying something. If you want to do something different this Lent, something deeper, something beautiful and hope filled, it’s here. We always sell out so if you’re on the fence, get off it. Laura wrote more about it on her blog. The short of it is that “She Who Believed” is a journey through the Old Testament ladies and New Testament ones, hearing their stories and hearing our own echoing within them. It all ties in with our journeying with Christ toward Calvery. Beautiful and life changing!

Okay, now for the big discussion.

Can we all agree that mothers who work outside the home and mothers who work in the home are all doing their best? I have yet to meet a mother who is determined to ruin her children’s emotional and mental health. I wrote about it extensively last year when I was on the Jennifer Fulwiler show discussing it but it bears repeating. Being a career mom is not an immoral choice. Being a neglectful and unloving mom is. The two are not synonymous.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Back to nursing & rocking, my fav evening activity. I *might* even shower later!! Exciting times!



We have cloth diapered for almost 8 years! But . . .

we kinda cheated because we used our fav local diaper service, Do Good Diapers. It was time for us to do our own dirty work but we will definitely use their diaper stripping service. Now that we’re on our own, I took stock in what we had and what I knew I had liked over the years, and hated.

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Wool covers

I love them. The lanolizing is an extra step and yes, a big poop in them is a pain to clean up, BUT, they are so great on their skin and super absorbent. I bought these two but had a couple of these as well. You’ll need to get some lanolin to re-seal the waterproof nature of the wool.


Go for thick, people, because they will break down over time and who wants pee running out starting early? I snagged a dozen of these, pre-washed and dried them and they’re ready to absorb.


Just because sometimes if I know it’s a poopy time of day, these can be easier to wash, I also bought a half dozen pocket diapers.


We used to use a double insert for night diapers a few kids ago and those ones were pretty well worn so I selected a package of these to slide inside the pocket diapers. They’re charcoal bamboo and super absorbent.


And these are our night diapers. They RARELY leak and are compostable. They also never result in a diaper rash so we use them on trips, too! Yes, she is in a size 5 pull-up. They’re easier on and off and more absorbent.

Diaper Bag for Pail

This sucker holds a bunch and then we drag it downstairs to wash. We’re doing diapers every day or two. It’s not a big deal because we have these new high efficiency washer & dryer units and are already doing laundry all the time anyway!

What works for you?

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