I wanted to share with you all my faves I’ve purchased over the last year. With four kids and a postpartum healing that just won’t let up, going the actual store during the day is a nightmare. Amazon has been my saving grace on that front. Going with the best two behaved kids to Target still resulted in crying//spittingup//frantic nursing//dragging toddler body on the ground, so online #foreverandever

Linen Romper: I’m wearing this right now. I kinda live in it. Yes, I look like a polygamous sect wife gone wild, but hey, it’s awesome.

Stretchable shorts: It’s called having four kids. Yes, I’m not embarrassed that my shorts are stretchable. Okay, maybe. But I LOVE these. I ordered a tad larger to be forgiving and they fit like a glove. So either my estimation of my own size is off (likely) or they run close to the bum.

Epsom Salts: I soak in this salt almost every day. It’s really good for our aching bones, people.

Naty: These diapers are the very very best. They never leak and they’re 100% compostable and the pull-ups work like a charm for potty trainers and little fat babies alike!

Electric Kids Toothbrush: it plays a mash up of American kid songs and one we don’t recognize. BUT THEY BRUSH THEIR TEETH WITH THEM SO PRAISE!

Lunchbox for the fall: After a whole school year of putting my son’s lunch in this velcro contraption that was half fabric, half wipeable, I had it. This one looks promising and it’s in my kitchen waiting to be used this fall!

Washi tape: call me a convert. Can’t live without this.

Mobile: I forgot about that sweet age when a baby will awaken from a nap in her crib and want to eat her toes and stare at the (boring, blank, white) ceiling. This one is so beautiful and handmade!

Truffles: I bought them for a friend. I ate all of them. Not going to lie.

A few of my favorite things. Thanks for clicking on through and shopping your lil hearts out. I get a small sliver kickback!

Here’s me and one of my best friends, my sister, Molly, and our youngest. She’s the woman behind Brooklyn Herborium hat I’m always talking about.

I wrote a little while back about making friends as an adult and it really resonate with a lot of you! Nothing I love more than touching on subjects that are meaningful to my friends here, so thank you for all your feedback!

I also talked with my good friend Nancy. She’s actually more like a dear friend. For years now she’s been an anchor in my real-life-meets-online group of ladies. If you haven’t entered into part of her movement to help women go deeper and get better at being their best selves, get a hustle on over to her site. If you haven’t listened to her podcast, I URGE you to go go go and listen now.

I’m a guest this last episode and we got to talk F R I E N D S H I P. One of my favorite topics.

Rounding that out, if you want to join the Community Leaders group for Blessed is She and see what we’re offering to start a community group, that link is here. If you want a sneak peak as to what I’ve been working hard on the past few months, that link is here!!!

Back to family vacation week here in Saint Paul. Check you later, alligator!


My little love,

I watch you walk, run, and laugh with that mouth holding two adult teeth and marvel. How did the baby I never stopped holding and staring at become this bounding, bouncing being?

They say the years go by so fast, but the days are long. Days with you have always zoomed by with baseball cards, audio stories, narrated baseball one player full field games, and periodic fast tickle laughs. I wouldn’t know any other way.

Your little sisters and brother look up at this face of teasing, teaching, and tenderness. Not in any particular order. You can poke and prod like any pest but usually draw them into your world of games with invisible endless twists and turns. You look with an open heart. And share whatever you have in yours with theirs.

When your dad and I watch you race your bike or pitch a curve ball, we rejoice at these signs of your growing and reaching toward what brings out that wide mouthed stretched eyes laugh. I also cry a little. Because I’m a mom. And want you to always be my baby at the same time that I want you to become more and more yourself.

Our prayer for you this year: that you continue to grow in patience for our shortcomings and your siblings’ purposeful aggravations. May you feel the lightness that only love can bring into your daily mood. May you explore. May you experience God and seek His will in your life. May you listen to the Twins win the World Series. May you eat lots of (organic, nitrate-free) hot dogs. Or the terribly delicious kind they serve at the ball game.

We love you #7 (also your bestie, Joe Mauer’s number)!!!

Your adoring fan club


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