Shea is basically my sister-in-law as her husband and his siblings grew up like siblings alongside us! She and her husband are the godparents of our youngest and I love them to death. Not real death, but love them so much. When I heard she was thinking of starting to sell Beautycounter, I immediately wanted to buy lipstick and mascara to replace those I bought–gulp–five years ago? I also wanted to share her info with you in case you also need to grab a high quality clean makeup product or if you wanted to start selling them yourself with her guidance!

And if you want to skip the chit-chat, and just zip to buy, here you go.


Okay no more suspense. Here she is!

Hi Shea! Tell us all a little about your new biz, Beautycounter.

Hi! Truly, I am surprised to even be telling you about this, because I never pictured myself here as a consultant! Beautycounter is a clean skincare and cosmetic company who just celebrated our five year anniversary. Our mission is to get safer skincare into the hands of everyone. I found out about the company almost three years ago when a dear friend of mine came to tell me about her work with the company.

The facts and figures that she shared with me then about the toxic ingredients used often within the personal care industry rocked my world, and encouraged me to actually read the labels of the products I was using all over the largest organ on my body.

Beautycounter seeks to, first and foremost, educate all about the many toxic ingredients that are often found in our products. The US has not passed any regulations on what can be found in our personal care products since 1938! There are only 30 chemicals that have been banned or restricted for use in products in our country. The European Union, however, has banned or restricted 1,300 chemicals. Beautycounter has a Never List of 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that we will never use in our products, as they have been linked to cancers, allergens, are hormone disrupters, etc. Secondly, Beautycounter advocates for safer skincare regulations. Finally, we offer a product solution to this problem. The products are high performing and high quality without compromising safer ingredients. They look beautiful, smell wonderful, and show truly amazing results. I started using some of their products when my friend came over several years ago, and then with the new year of 2018, I decided to jump at the chance to join their mission.

It’s a new adventure, and such an important and fun one at that!

I see you as a woman of such style and spunk. How does BC fit into your look that you already had going?

Thank you! That is a major compliment! I was lucky enough to be raised in a home where health and wellness was a normal occurrence. Both of my parents are great cooks and we often ate family dinners together. Every person in my family has been involved in one sport or another, and still continues to be active and healthy with running, climbing mountains, biking, etc.

Beautycounter wants everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle through understanding what they are daily using on their skin. Even if it is the tiniest amount of a product, we use skincare and cosmetics daily (sometimes more than once per day) on an organ that absorbs so much into our internal organs and bloodstream. Beautycounter was a natural move for me, as I want to lead and be an example of a healthy lifestyle for my own children. It also helps that the product solution for Beautycounter has beautiful products.

My skin has truly never been so healthy and bright–even with three kids five and under.

If you could pick just one thing, which would it be from the skincare line? And which from the makeup line?

Skincare: Cleaning balm. Hands down, this is my favorite product. It’s magic. It is a cleanser that also hydrates, removes makeup, and brightens the appearance of skin. It’s multi-use too! It can be used on eczema, dry spots from winter, and as an after sun care. After cleansing your face, you can also reapply and use it as a night mask! There are so many uses for this one beautiful product.

Makeup: It’s a tie between our Beautycounter Red Color Intense Lipstick and the Touchup Skin Concealor Pen. On one hand, if you know me in real life, you know how much I love my lipstick! Makes the most tired and weary face look ready to take on anything! Sometimes you need to put it on, just to clean an insanely dirty kitchen! After thinking about how much lipstick I have probably ingested from wearing it while eating/drinking and how much I’ve kissed my kids or husband with it on and transferred it to their skin, I knew I needed to find a safer option. Insert: our Color Intense Lipstick. It’s great for any skin tone, stays put on your lips, and instantly cleans a kitchen with a kiss. Well–maybe not the last part, but I wish. :) The Touchup Skin Concealor Pen really helps even and brighten my skin tone under my eyes–where my late night and early mornings often show the most. I can’t pick a favorite between the two!

I feel like the holistic foods movement forgets our skin sometimes! We care about what we eat but slap drugstore makeup on our largest organ. Why is this?


This is a great question! I don’t know the exact answer, but I’m hoping that we are on the verge of that bubble bursting. Can we remember when there wasn’t a vast holistic foods market? Barely. But, there were those who educated themselves and others about the benefits of whole and healthier foods long before it was mainstream. Enter: Beautycounter for the personal care industry. Beautycounter (and other similar companies) wants all to be a part of their mission of educating others about the harmful ingredients that can be found in the majority of personal care products. We want to be leading the wave toward safer ingredients. Just last month there were 100 consultants in Washington, D.C. having meetings with their lawmakers to bring awareness of this issue and ask for safer skincare laws. Our foundress, Gregg Renfrew, was featured on the Today Show this past week, and was interviewed by Kai Ryssdal on NPR Marketplace. She, along with her 25,000 consultants across the US and Canada are making waves and one-by-one educating and inspiring others to take part in their own health.

You told us about your favorite lipstick, but how do we figure out which one is right for our skin tone? 

The color options for the lip glosses, lip sheers and color intense lipsticks have been specifically formulated to complement any skin tone. There are a beautiful selection of colors–and it takes everything in me not to purchase one of every color in the same transaction!

How can people purchase through you?

I have a personal website. However, I would also love to talk and/or email with those who have questions and/or don’t know what they are looking for. You can email me at I am an open book, and if I don’t know the answer, I will find it out for you!

Thanks, girl!!




Wow, where did this blogger disappear to? The trickiest thing has been to get time at my computer, at my desk, uninterrupted by early-evening-waking-baby, sewing projects, or trying to stay on top of my housework (woeful again and again on that front). But here I am.

Hi. What’s new with you? I’m finding we are still in the thick of winter here. Yes, friends in the southern region who are planting their gardens, we see you on instastories. We Minnesotans are bracing for another snowfall this weekend and although today was 45 degrees, who knows what the low will be tonight. I just don’t want to check.

Our rhythm feels like winter, still, too. We don’t go to the park but wistfully drive past it while the kids clamor to get out but I insist 20 degrees is just too cold for the baby, even when she’s bundled. I do open the back door to shoo the oldest three out in the fenced yard with their regalia on, down to the neckgator.

I wish I could say that I’ve got that spring time energy, but I’m still wrapping up in wool sweaters and dreading to shower and deal with wet hair. #wimp

Our oldest has grown through two layers of hems in his school pants, and our second is suddenly fitting 6T pants in length, just not waist. The third born is still in size 2 things but sometimes will pull a 3T sweater over his almost four year old neck and I think¬†he’s not drowning in that! The lil lady is tall for her age and robust so she easily wears 24 month and 2T despite being only 15 months old.

Once the snow has melted maybe I’ll finally make those last phone calls to schedule piano tuning, a trip to the mega fabric store for sheers + drape fabric. I’ll sort through my “to be filed” stack and wipe out the floors of the kids’ closets.

In the meanwhile, I’m just hanging on by my chapped knuckles! Driving people around, nursing babe down for naps, making lots and lots of bread (vehicle for butter), working for Blessed is She and being interviewed about our WILD retreat in August here, and trying hard to teach our second reading lessons without anyone crying.

How’s your spring?



These topics distress me enough to write two blog posts in one week! People! Why do we argue about how to attend church with our kids? *shakes head mouth ajar*

In case you’re new to this controversy, it’s yet another way good people waste time on the internet: getting huffy about how others attend church with their kids. For reference, my kids are 7, 5, 3, and 14 months. The 7 year old always goes, but it depends with the others.

We can all agree to this: attending Mass is a profound privilege and the most important part of our week! We aspire to be reverent, to worship, and to not detract from other’s experiences of the same.

We struggle to agree on children’s place in all this: they should be in the cry room; they should be in the front row; they shouldn’t come until they’re old enough to behave like adults; they should come and behave as they’re able to and we should welcome them despite their struggles.

Our family has done it all: parents splitting up to go to Mass alone; me solo with all four kids; older kids with us; toddler at home; front row; back row; middle row; books and coloring; nothing; bribes of donuts; threats of trouble, etc.

My experiences has taught me that nothing is more humbling than expecting and demanding that my small children behave a certain way in public. Especially in a public place that should be quiet and reverent.

What works for you this week might not work next, same for this year to the next. Maybe you’re embarrassed and stopped going to Mass because your spouse isn’t into it anyway and suffering through temper tantrums and dirty looks is too much. Maybe your nine kids behave like angels and the older help with the younger. Maybe you’re desperate to actually pray during Mass and leave the little kids with a relative so you can have an hour of peace.

Let the children come to Jesus.

Please, be sympathetic if you think a family isn’t shutting their kids up and they should. Maybe one of them is on the spectrum and they’re doing their best. Please, be kind to the mom whose three kids under three are crawling around and crying and she’s not taking them to the back. Maybe her postpartum depression is crushing her. Please, don’t turn around and glare if two kids are scuffling in the pew while their mom is trying to discretely feed a younger sibling. Maybe it’s hard to feed a baby in public.

If you think people aren’t being reverent at Mass (repeatedly) because of how they allow their kids to behave, first pray about it and then talk to your priest. Please leave the family alone. They’re probably exhausted and trying their best. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.


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