Oh it’s been a wonderful and wild week. Linking up with the one and only Kelly!

1// we saw friends and friends and no one is sick yet so that is a HUGE WIN!

2// I took the three youngest kids to the grocery store which is a first in my long recovery! It felt so nice to wear the baby (who was happy, thankfully), push the tot in the cart, and be helped in the steering by my big girl. It felt good to be back to some normal activities.

3// Wrapped up your custom legging orders. These ones took me a little longer than expected but I am mailing the last ones out the door tomorrow! On to a special swaddle batch next! My sewing machine is my happy place so thanks for being part of getting me there, friends.

4// Read this. Then laughed and sent to my kid’s teacher.

5// I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on editing a series for Blessed is She for women’s groups. It’s been fantastic to work with seven talented writers and to be part of the process of building community!

6// Eating lots of this.

7// Wishing Madame Secretary wasn’t done for the season but I loved the last episode so very very much.

How do we do this? I just talked to a girlfriend who’s moving for her husband’s job relocation. With kids from college-aged to kinder. How do we make girlfriends as adults? I can tell you how many times I’ve been in a conversation where a woman has revealed that making adult female friends is the WORST. And I mean, worse than a spray poopie diaper or being out of chai tea latte mix at home.

Friendships blossom over shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Sports team mates. Roommates. New Moms groups. Going to the same church. But as we enter into adulthood and leave the comfort of the easy-to-meet people school environment, it’s rough.

For me, I went through a very awkward period of zero friends when we moved home from Vegas and I was looking for a job. My law school friends dispersed around the country, my college friendships were slim and hadn’t been tended to throughout law school, and my new work colleagues lived far away from where we were living.

We set up our first home in a little condo in Minneapolis and spent nights cooking, talking, walking along the river. We joked to my brother that we were “couple’s shopping” in looking for friends who were married that we both liked. But in earnest, we were hoping for friendships. I was hoping for women who understood both my work and being pregnant, which seemed to be exactly zero.

I slowly met women at church, but only by approaching them after Mass in the vestibule (you know who you are ;). I started a mom’s group at my parish, hoping to meet friends that way. Turns out that was the very best way to do it and now my closest mom friends are my parish friends. Incidentally their husbands are friends with mine, too. I guess we found our couple friends after all.

This took years. It took years of me actively seeking out and working on relationships. Some relationships didn’t endure, and others blossomed. Many text messages were exchanged between me and my sister in New York, all wishing she would move back home! I cried some nights, missing the close companionship of my law school friends. I felt uncomfortable reaching out and asking to get together for coffee, a playdate, having a couple over for dinner.

Maybe this sounds like your journey to adult female friendships. Maybe you’re living where you went to school and those friendships continued to thrive. Maybe you didn’t go to school and instead went right into the work world, and those gals are your tribe. Maybe your family members are all you need in the friendship department.

But if you’re like me and at 26, 27 years old, had to start over, I want to acknowledge that it’s hard.

Blessed is She is offering a new series of community group materials in the autumn. It’s been my joy to edit the series and work with seven splendid authors on these various topics. When curating it, I thought about what I would have liked to have had on hand when facing these prospects of trying to build friendships & a tribe of women.

If you want to start a group, or are already in a group and want to know more about what will be coming out, please, let me know! I’ll add you to our community group Facebook group, and alert you when materials are ready for sharing.

Sisterhood doesn’t come easily for all of us as adult women. If you want to build some sisterhood around you, we can help!

Summertime and the living is . . . still a wee chilly up here in Minnesota. I mean, we’re no Christy or anything but it hasn’t burst into full on oven-door-open living.

I put on my new jeans and the white linen shirt the other night. I wanted to feel like a human being, not a milk-making mama bear. It wasn’t forty minutes in to this novel experience that the baby directed an enormous poop right at the shirt, the toddler spilled his dinner plate on the jeans, and my earrings (yes, I PUT ON EARRINGS) got caught on my mom-bun and yanked ever so staunchly on those tiny fly-away hairs that are evidence of re-growth and postpartum hair biz.

Right back into the bathrobe I zoomed.


It’s breathable and lightweight, but more forgiving in its flowing than a knit cotton. I gathered a bunch off off the inter web and then kept nearly all of them! The buttons make the shirt, as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for a little wooden button, designers! White one & pink one & butterfly one (for my sister) & brown one. All three of mine have been put in the dryer on accident and made it out relatively unscathed!

Stretchy jeans

Oh, as I confessed, I haven’t packed away my maternity jeans just yet (she’s a mere 5 months!) but that was, in large part, because I only have one pair and my non-maternity jeans were either too high waisted (not really ready to dive back in that pool) or non-stretchy.

Middle-waisted, stretchy, and slender in the leg are these! And no, I didn’t go for these. But I could have. They had me at the words “pull on.”

Sandals with a wedge

I felt really fancy and bought these woven ones last year with a slight wedge. I’m not supposed to wear any heel yet as my pelvis is still unstable but in a pinch, I slip into these for church going.

Another new fav are these linen clogs. Or hooves, as Grace sometimes refers to hers. Yes, my feet sweat a little, and then the next day my back hollered at me that they counted as heels, but I really think they’re pretty. Motherhood has meant eschewing pretty shoes, so we take what we can get. When AA saw me put them on and watched the proud smile rise over my face, he remarked: “Oh, I didn’t know you had a shoe thing.” To which I responded, “I did. Before law school and then kids. So decades ago.”


AND I’m doing a giveaway with some of my fav artisans on instagram just Thurs-Friday noon-noon @wholeparentinggoods. Hop on over! Can you tell I made the above image and Erica made the below one???


Your summer go-tos for postpartum?

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