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How was your week? Was it busy, rushed, and filled with forgettable moments slushing around in your momivan in the fresh snow? Or was it calm, relaxed, spent wiping your kids’ noses, and calibrating how much longer this cold could conceivably survive?

1) It was a blend of both for me.

I showered today, flossed, and tweezed my eyebrows while my sister played with the kids. So that was incredibly humanizing. She’s a saint and bought a new house in the neighborhood so we’re in full-scrubbing-and-cleaning mode. The kids are devastated she won’t be bunked up with us anymore but really excited for sleepovers and afternoons of Sudoku (the newest craze) over there.

2) AA has been in litigation

which means I urge him to stay at the office til 9 or 10 so he can just pound out these briefs and he does, though he doesn’t like to miss bedtime and seeing the kids, and I make breakfast for dinner for the kids.

I’m familiar with AA’s work; I can harken back to my lawyering days and remember that burning taste of stress in the back of your mouth when the deadlines are hard and recalcitrant. I’m so grateful it’s him and not me going through that heavy press of practicing law.

3) I’m on my own for long days and usually it’s ok but

today I kinda ran out of tricks by 1:45 in the afternoon. We had already visited Dada at the office (well, he runs down to the car for a few minutes with Starbucks in hand), baked cookies (healthy but kinda sweet enough for the kids to want them), played legos, listened to Rip Van Winkle, bounced on the floor beds in both the kid bedrooms, colored, had naps & quiet time, and IT WAS ONLY 1:45.

I lay on the floor in the Music Room while the older two tried to play legos and the tot tried to eat legos. I contemplated if I’d rather be somewhere else (YES) and if I’d like that some other place to be a law office (NO). I contemplated trying to keep the tot entertained in my work studio while I sewed, but I knew he’d rush the scissors, the yarn, and then make a run for the toilet. I decided being on the floor was exactly where I should be.

4) I cannot stop listening to this and crying like a 21 year old.

And here’s me when I was 21. And loving my horse. And probably crying a lot about my college relationship.


5) Thank you all so much for your support of my mama artisan shop, Whole Parenting Goods.

I really really appreciate the chance to make something unique & organic for the little loved ones in your life. I’m working in my little slivers of nighttime to wrap up all those orders in the next week or so, and then I’ll be launching a simple gift set of Bandit Bib & Contour Cloth in three holiday prints. Here’s a preview . . . .

whole parenting goods

Free shipping for all the holiday season! FREESHIPPING is the code so use it!

6) My friend Katrina has this great shoppe and she only does limited releases of this mug periodically so SNATCH one. Because I already did. Otherwise I wouldn’t tell you about it.

hatch prints

7) I plan on a weekend with lots of reading with the kids, helping out at my sister’s new house, celebrating her birthday, and having a priest friend over for homemade pizza din din. I should also clean the house, organize several closets and cupboards, but instead I’ll probably sew, so let’s be honest. I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend planned!

It’s also not too late to join our mama advent group going through our Waiting in the Word guide. It’s simple & really been uplifting to partake in the discussion of our little Facebook group for it!

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12 Responses to My Week in Horrifying Detail

  1. Nell, you rode horses too growing up?! We need to chat horses sometime! I rode dressage and hunter-jumper for years. I miss it like crazy, but there is just about no other sport I can think of more incompatible with young motherhood. :-)

    • Natural Mama Nell says:

      Wow! Yes. Show jumpers & hunters for me for over a decade. I sold my last horse when I was pregnant with my first–and I’ve only ridden once since. So achingly miss it, but like you said, literally impossible to do with small kids.

  2. My husband is an accountant and he’s been working the late hours for year end close. It’s not even 10am and I’m so done lol

  3. Christina says:

    There is no horror to compare with the horror of looking at the clock and realizing you’re still 6 hours away from bedtime and you’ve used all your parenting tricks. That’s about when I start cursing the fact that I don’t live someplace where it’s warm year round so I can send everyone outside.

    P.S. Those bibs. Adorable!

    • Natural Mama Nell says:

      IT IS SHEER HORROR! hahaha I know–Minnesota means the weather isn’t always in our favor.

      Thank you; you’re so kind!

  4. Having a sister near by is the best thing ever!! Glad she is staying close by.

  5. Annie says:

    How lovely to b keeping your sister nearby! Blessings.

  6. TB says:

    I’m very impressed that you can sew and run your Etsy shop with 3 little kids at home. I stay at home with 2 kids and can’t seem to find the time to do anything that is not directly related to their care. By the way, I absolutely adore the leggings I bought from your store for my 18-month-old. So cute, and so well-made. We’ll be buying more!

    • Natural Mama Nell says:

      I find that if I don’t do a little something for me, I GO INSANE and resent the hell out of taking care of the house and the kids!! You’re so kind about the leggings :)

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