Scythian. I love these guys! They’ve been close family friends for over a decade and we are always thrilled with they play a show in the Twin Cities because¬†hot damn they’re good. And the kids really do love them, but apparently love ice cream more.¬†

SUNDAY, August 14, the Dakota Club 7pm all ages so yes, I’m bringing the older two kids with ear protection. Get your ticket now.

They always sell out so you don’t want to be sorry that you missed it. It’s a sit-down venue with delicious food so come early to get a good seat so you can rock out for the show without food in your mouth. Who am I kidding? Last year I rocked out while eating french fries.

We listen to their new album daily, because that’s how my kids roll. They’ve always been major lovers of the kid’s album “Cake for Dinner” but now they can’t get enough of the for-adults-too ones.

These guys are frenetic, funky, soulful, americana rock with an ethnic twist as the main members are Ukrainian brothers and a sister. You’d think their instruments are part of their bodies, because, well, their amazing parents raised them playing basically from the womb along with their seven siblings.

I even dug up this snap of them playing our wedding in the front yard!

scythian wedding

If you haven’t read this article about their mom, God rest her soul, do so and thank me later.

On to the free disc part. Their newest album: Old Time || Good Time Tour LIVE can be yours.

Simply follow them on Facebook here, and check their tour schedule on their site and comment here on the blog as to when they’re coming near you (or lament that they’re not). I’m gonna check up on you so be honest, folks.

Best part? I’ve deprived my own children of two of their stickers so yes, you will also be mailed two sweet stickers. Giveaway ends Friday!


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25 Responses to Scythian: fav band coming to Minneapolis & new disc giveaway CLOSED

  1. Cheech says:

    I live about 3 miles north of Minneapolis so I think I am lamentin’

  2. Christina says:

    Oooh, I just saw they’re going to be in Chicago this Thursday! Think I can get my husband to take my super pregnant, cranky butt on a date?! That would be so fun!

  3. Caitlin E says:

    Shoot, man. I’ve got to convince them to come to the west coast. Nothing even close to Portland, OR! Lamentation!! (And no Facebook like for this Luddite. Hopefully hat doesn’t disqualify me ;) )

  4. Nancy says:

    They’re coming to Chicago, which is pretty close to us…this weekend

  5. Becky says:

    They need to come to the Milwaukee area!

  6. Becky says:

    Oh man do they ever need to come here!! Listened to a couple samples on Amazon. LOVE! (Sorry for the double post lol)

  7. Tara says:

    Ooh the closest they come to us is Lacrosse – about 3.5 hours away. High hopes for other Wisconsin locations though!

    • Natural Mama Nell says:

      dang–and yet it’s so worth the drive!! They do the Milwaukee Irish fest sometimes, too? Not this year?

  8. Sarah says:

    Oooh they’re coming to Muskegon in September! For an Irish Music Fest. I didn’t even know those still existed! I studied highland dance for 10 years so anything even remotely Celtic gets my heart a flapping.

  9. Rachel says:

    They’re going to be near us when I am super pregnant in September at the Appaloosa Festival!

  10. Katie says:

    Chicago is the closest they are coming to me…but it is tomorrow! Can’t quite swing that in the schedule. :) Regardless, I think you may have introduced me to a new favorite band. Thanks, Nell!

  11. Sarah Ortiz says:

    The closest to me is when they are in Pittsburgh, but that’s almost 5 hours away, so I guess I will be in the lamenting camp.

  12. Linda says:

    Ooooh, going to try to go see them at the Dakota!

  13. Lynn says:

    The closest they come to us is 2 hrs away – bummer! But my parents live in Pittsburgh PA and they’re playing there next month and my dad’s birthday is this week – so maybe I should get him tickets for his birthday! :)

  14. Laura says:

    They were just in Ann Arbor but we couldn’t make it :(

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