Our 102 year old house has two closets in the master//owner’s suite. One for the lady of the house complete with a sit-down-built-in-vanity-do-your-make-up and one for the gentleman to hang his suits. You can guess how often I sit to do my makeup at any vanity.

It occurred to me that this dressing room wasn’t well suited even if I was able to fit all my clothing in there. And it occurred to me that although we co-sleep for a long time, this baby girl was going to need somewhere to be stashed for naps once she’s at that 6 month marker and needs more than sleeping in the sling. So I pinched my husband and dad into demo’ing it. And then a friend helped sheet rock & fit it with baseboards and the like. Then we had carpeting put in. Then this same handy friend made shelves after I had Shea and my sister Katie over to give me design input, and facetimed a million times with my mom & Molly in New York.

Tah-dah. I give you: a new fav room in the house! The kids love to destroy it on a daily basis–I mean, help me make it cosy for her.


Vase & Lights // Target boutique

Doll // Dancy Pants Disco

Dried flowers // party a year ago


Yes, it looks like a dorm room. I think there’s a fine line between nursery decor & dorm room these days.

George original prints // my sister, Katie!

Bunny original drawing // my sister, Molly!


Rocker & bookcase & little dresser // family furniture

Pillows & floor cushion // Nell’s gone wild with sewing. Birch organic fabric & Cotton and Steel here.



Mirror // gift from beloved horse trainer who hung it at his horse shows for decades

Feather hook // Target boutique


Prints // Katrina at Hatch Prints

Basket (middle) // Kouboo Rattan basket (my fav!!)

Basket on end // gift


Baskets // Kouboo

Feather hooks // Target boutique


Sheepskin // gift (similar here)

Crib // room & board outlet pretty gnawed on by MonsterTot

Banner // my retired etsy shop


Wall quilt // me gone wild. I love these fabrics so much and wanted something to warm up this little 5×10 room but that I wouldn’t knock off the wall. When she graduates to her sister’s room at some point, it’s big enough for a bed quilt! Cotton & Steel fabric here.


Outside of our closet nursery, back in our room, a little diaper changing station with my fav Kouboo baskets, again!

And how messy my nightstand really is . . .


That’s all, friends! I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and rock her in there!

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7 Responses to Closet Nursery Transformation

  1. Mary S says:

    This is SO cool. I love that you made the space work for you. So awesome! Also, looking at the shelf above the rocking chair I can’t help but think about earthquake proofing… But I suppose that’s not such a problem for you ;) ;).

  2. Alexandra says:

    It’s lovely! I would be escaping in there to snuggle up every chance I got! The quilt was genius!

  3. Erika says:

    Oh, that looks so nice and cozy! How exciting! I love to get projects done while I’m pregnant. I end up thinking everything needs to be done by their due date because once they are born I will not have any time. Thankfully, that’s not very true. But, nesting is a powerful motivator.

  4. Susanna says:

    This is so perfect. I day dream far too often about how to get a small nursery off my bedroom to extend the life of our house in relation to our family size. But since our house is not a family heirloom, it is not as necessary that I make that work… But seriously, what a great nursery! :)

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