Whole Parenting Family came to be when one day my mom remarked “Gosh, you’ve read a lot of books on parenting, natural child birth, breastfeeding, cooking, gardening, and diapering. Why aren’t you running one of those online blog things?”

whole parenting

So I started a blog in mid-winter of 2011. I was still working part-time as an attorney, mothering my 7 month old boy, and running a household. But creative writing has always been my first love, long before law school (aren’t all lawyers failed authors?), so returning to my roots wasn’t that hard. When I’m not writing, I’m sewing for my etsy shop, Whole Parenting Goods, leggings, skirts, baby bibs, blankets, burp cloths, you know.

whole parenting goods

My husband’s name is AA. We met in law school. He’s dreamy, smart, sassy, funny, and the best father in the world. We live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in an old turn-of-the-century house with a big garden. We cohabitate with one dog, Kazzie, and two cats, Stella and Mercy.

We’re blessed with a little boy nicknamed SuperBoy born in June of 2010,¬†and a little girl nicknamed SweetPea born in April of 2012, and a baby boy nicknamed BabyLoves in May of 2014.

whole parenting family

We’re old-fashioned in most regards, in an earthy-granola-crunchy way. But modern, too? Because I love my iPhone.

Here they are, in their glory, our SuperBoy, SweetPea, and BabyLoves–shoulda picked a better name for the now monster toddler. MonsterTot?